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Jim was prompt, efficient and professional.  Hard to find in a contractor.  Jim completed our job quickly and with a fair price.  We discovered he has several skills that we did not use so  we will definitely use him again in the future.

S. Callahan, Callahan Electric

Portland, OR

“I don’t normally take the time to write about contractors I hire but EHI is a true exception. In my line of work, I hire and consult with a few different companies and contractors. Jim is one of the most down-to-earth people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.


Jim had great suggestions for the tile work we needed and completed the install perfectly. I’m a stickler for wanting things done right and his attention to detail coupled with the exquisite tile work truly impressed me.


We recently purchased a property with a sloping yard that was more than challenging. EHI managed to repair the fence and have it look better than we imagined. He took the extra time necessary to make sure the job was done right.


We are incredibly happy with the installation work he did and we have yet to have a visitor stop by the house without complimenting on the new improvements to our home.


I recommend EHI all the time and they never fail. Thankfully there are some true salt-of-the-earth contractors still out there!”


Dan Gradin, Portland

I recently used Evolution after purchasing a new home.  There was a laundry list of repairs needed before our family moved in.   Our list (moss removal, broken and missing tile, tons of drywall repairs, deck repair)

was handled quickly, thoughtfully and economically.  I would definitely use Jim again.


Steve B., NE Portland

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